Hospitals and Medical Centers

During the last years, Joint Commission International (JCI) ‘s accreditation system has become important evaluation criteria to look for hospitals quality standards and patient safety. Because of that MedicaTRUST prioritizes to collaborate with hospitals and medical centers by following JCI’s criteria.

MedicaTRUST works with ;

Medical Park is a member of the most common health group MLP CARE. Active in 17 cities with 25 hospitals and 14 thousand employees. Furthermore, the group has been operating since 1993. Also has a total of 550 thousand square meters closed are with 167 operation room and 4,100 bed capacity.


Established in 1991, Acıbadem Healthcare Group provides health services with approximately 22,500 employees. There are 3,500 doctors and 4,000 nurses in its 22 hospitals and 20 medical centers. The Group offers 5 diagnostic organ transplant centers (liver, kidney, bone marrow), 11 tube baby centers, 11 cancer centers (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy), equipped with advanced technology, modern infrastructure and certified by JCI accredited health standards. Also 19 breast health centers, 6 robotic surgery centers, 16 heart health centers (pediatric and adult cardiology and cardiac surgery), 8 obesity centers, 9 backbone health centers, 5 anorectal diseases center, 1 sports health center and 10 nuclear medicine centers technology infrastructures and equipped specialists.

Memorial Health Group has been serving with JCI Accreditation Quality Certificate in Turkey since 2000 as the first hospital and 21st hospital in the world. The group is located in 13 different places in 5 different cities of our country. Memorial operates in branches as Orthopedics and Traumatology, Heart Health, Women’s Health, Child Health, Robotic Surgery, Stroke, Bone Marrow Transplantation.




Fizikalya Medical Center aims to offer a healthier life to every part of the society by bringing together the latest technological innovations that are constantly being renewed with the careful studies of expert staffs at the highest standards. The treatment of the patients is specially planned for the individual according to the diagnosis determined by the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Doctor. A treatment schedule is followed in the direction of planned treatment. Expert physiotherapists perform treatments using classical treatment techniques as well as state-of-the-art physical therapy devices. Honest and reliable diagnosis and treatment service in these fields without sacrificing the scientific and conscientious ethical principles and offers services to the patients in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in world standards with its expert staff and advanced technical support.