About MedicaTRUST

MedicaTRUST is a medical tourism agency which is a collaboration between doctors who are experts in their field and also with tourism professionals. With their dynamic and experienced team, MedicaTRUST has been active since 2000 in the medical tourism field. Our aim is to fulfill every possible need and expectation of our patients and their close ones. While doing that we will not be compromising medical and ethic values and respecting patient rights.

Also, we will be maintaining the international quality standards. We work with the leading hospitals, medical centers and doctors in Turkey. Also with our experience of over 20 years in the tourism sector, we provide professional solutions for travel, accommodation, transfer, translator for our patients as well as medical consultations.

You can contact MedicaTRUST anytime to get your tailored medical tourism package.

Our main office located in Antalya/Turkey and also we have a liaison office in Istanbul / Turkey.

MedicaTrust is an authorised medical tourism agency by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.