Before Your Medical Travel

Medical travel is not just about finding the right doctor and medical facility for your problem. Being a top-notch medical tourism agency requires other values as well. MedicaTRUST provides the fastest and the most economical solutions for plane tickets, visa applications and accommodation options before your medical travel. You can find the detailed explanations in our related page. Also, you can contact with MedicaTRUST agents with any question you have regarding your medical travel any time.

We know that medical tourism is a difficult process with a lot of obstacles. It is our job as a medical tourism agency to make this difficult process fairly simple. MedicaTRUST has been created by people who have specialized in tourism and medicine for many years. We are here to accompany you in this process. It will be our greatest joy to plan your whole process and offer you the comfort that you feel as if you were in your home.

Also, we would like to remind you the important points for your medical travel below ;

  • Don’t forget to bring your medical records, test results, x-ray with you.
  • If there is an ongoing treatment bring your doctor reports and an information document about your treatment with you.
  • Be sure to check the validity date of your and your companies passport.
  • Be sure that your credit card can operate overseas for your personal expenses.
  • We recommend you not to bring a vast amount of cash with you during your medical travels.
  • If you ever need to make a money transaction with your country our agents will provide you necessary transfer and interpretation services.
  • You can contact your MedicaTRUST agent before your medical travel any time.

Important notice: You can also find the detailed visa, plane ticket, accommodation, insurance information that you may need on the related pages.