CEO Message

We have created MedicaTRUST brand in order to meet every possible requirement and expectation of our patients and their close ones. It does not matter where you live. There is an international standard for healthcare and we will provide that to you. There are many differences of MedicaTRUST which makes it stand out from other companies. The most crucial difference is that we have created this brand by observing the needs of the patients and their close ones, as well as observing the needs of the doctors who have over 30 years of experience and dedicated most of their lives to their patients, educated many medical students who are working as doctors in many different hospitals, published countless medical journals. They needed a corporate and trustworthy company to work in the medical tourism sector.

We are more than happy and proud to say that from our establishment till today we have provided many patients medical solutions. Also, we have achieved many firsts in the medical sector. Today at all of our service locations with hundreds of expert doctors, nurses, medical personnel as well as strong partners we have a crucial role of distributing health with advanced diagnosis methods, latest technological equipment and also with close care.

Our vision of giving immense importance to medical research, patient-centered service policy, commitment to medical ethic values and provide the best possible medical resource are irrevocable for our quality standards.

MedicaTRUST brand is growing, innovating and investing for you and providing its services in different locations without compromising its values.

For us planning your medical journey and providing you the best and complete service for the uttermost important period of your life has the most crucial importance. We work relentlessly for you to live your life as a healthy and happy individual. In addition, we will keep on working with a strong attachment to our quality and trust values.

Because your health is the most important concern for us.

With respect

Yavuz Ungor