With MedicaTRUST’s personalized check-up programs, reduce your risk of illness most. As the majority of people, we can neglect our health when we feel good. Early diagnosis, however, plays a vital role in the treatment of diseases. Passing a comprehensive check-up provides you with everything you need to know about your health by taking only a few hours and offers you the opportunity to take precautions against serious health problems.

MedicaTRUST offers you check-up packages which you can take while on a lovely holiday. Medical tourism does not require you to travel just because of a certain disease. You can also do medical tourism by combining a nice holiday package and check-up which will take only 2 hours in your amazing holiday.

MedicaTRUST offers standardized control programs in accordance with age and sex within its contracted hospitals. Programs also include your lifestyle, personal characteristics, and family prestige. The data show which health risks you may face and a control program that takes these factors into account. In this way, it is possible to prevent the possible diseases that arise while treating small-scale disorders before they become more serious. You can easily determine which check-up schedule is right for you with your interviews with our agents.