Ear, Nose, Throat

Otology / Neurotology

Our Accredited Otology / Neurology Departments provide services in:

Ear tinnitus treatment, dizziness therapy, eardrum and middle ear surgery, otosclerosis surgery, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss; surgical implantation of cochlear implants, also known as bionic ears; rehabilitation with hearing aids and the application of surgically implanted hearing aids. congenital auditory atresia surgery, BAHA application.

Ear, nose and throat cancer surgery

Diagnosis and treatment of nasal, throat, oral cavity, nasal fossa, larynx, salivary gland, and thyroid using the current modern methods. (In our contracted clinics, surgical repair, as well as postoperative tissue loss repair and oncological treatments, are presented).


Our Consensual Rhinology units perform medical and surgical procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of nasal obstruction, allergy treatments and medical and surgical treatment of sinus conditions. Today, endoscopic techniques are widely applied in sinus surgery. The most advanced and new “Surgical Navigation System” services are offered by our contracted clinics that reduce the risk of complications from surgery. In this way, the potential side effects are reduced to extremely low levels. This technology is particularly useful in patients who have undergone surgery or who have undergone anatomical alterations, or with tumors.

Facial plastic surgery

In the field of facial plastic surgery, which has developed in recent years, in addition to the services of nasal aesthetics, correction of protruding ears; facial wrinkle treatment (BOTOX, fillers); facelifts (by operation or sewing lift), neck lifts, correction of sagging eyelids and blepharoplasty (removal of eye bag).

Child ear, nose and throat diseases

Our contracted specialist doctors offer services for the treatment of congenital anomalies (born in cleft palate, not in the ear or nose), respiratory disorders due to congenital throat anomalies, applied in the pediatric otorhinolaryngology, not limited to tonsil or adenoid operations.

Disorders of sound and swallowing disorders

MedicaTRUST offers inspection, rehabilitation, treatment and surgery services for disorders such as contracted voice and swallowing disorders, dysphonia (voice loss), voice disturbances, difficulty swallowing and sialorrhea (over salivation). Our experienced specialists use advanced devices (The Lumenis CO2 laser) around the world to treat conditions such as acoustic disorders (polyps, lesions), tumors and throat cancers. Mouth and nasal tumors and skin lesions can be treated with a laser with minimum bleeding.

Snoring and sleep disorders

Our patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea are examined in detail in our contracted clinics. Sleep disturbances are determined in sleep laboratories and then appropriate treatment methods (surgery or CPAP – a mask that manages the air pressure to keep the airway open) are applied.

Audiology and speech inhibitors

MedicaTRUST hearing tests, balance tests, earlobe rehabilitation with agreed service points; treatment of balance disorders; speech and dysphagia treatment; selection and application of hearing aids; offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services such as cochlear implants in patients who suffer from congenital hearing loss or advanced hearing loss after birth. All procedures performed and all tests performed prior to rehabilitation are provided by expert audiologists.