Frequently Asked Questions

You may find all of your questions asked and answered in this section. Furthermore, if you have more questions you can fulfill the related form in the contact section. Our agents will provide you answers.

What do you offer for the people who I want to accompany me

MedicaTRUST agents are here to assist them as well as you during your treatment process with every possible service. With the services that will start with the visa application, plane ticket (if needed), airport transfer we will accommodate your close ones at their chosen hotel. We will provide them transfer when they want to visit you. Also, we will grant them Internet access to communicate with their home if needed. We have a selection of services to make you feel safe and secure with comfort.

How long will my treatment take

After examining your medical document and reports, your doctor will give you the necessary information to you through our agents as soon as possible. Your agent will give you the expected treatment plan. Every treatment has a different healing process. Also, healing time could be different from person to person.

When should I make the trip

If your medical condition is not in an urgent manner you should contact MedicaTRUST agents. Together you can plan the most suitable time for your journey. Turkey has four seasons due to its geographical position. Because of the touristic attractions summer season is the high season for tourism in Turkey. Also in winter season compared to European countries Turkey has huge temperature advantage, especially in Antalya you can live an 18-20 degree celsius winter. We highly recommend that you have a chat with your doctor and MedicaTRUST agent before your travel.

Should I get examined before the trip

In order to identify the best possible treatment for you, your doctor may need tests before your trip. Blood test, old test results, X-Ray or a medical report. You can easily mail us the necessary documents.

Can I meet my doctor before my treatment

We can arrange a meeting with your doctor. Also, you can mail, Skype or phone your doctor.

What will I gain if I get treated in Turkey

You will be able to save a notable amount of money. Also, most of the hospitals offer higher quality services to their matches in other countries. If you want to learn expected prices you can contact MedicaTRUST.

What will happen during my treatment

Due to your needs during your treatment, every necessary service will be provided by MedicaTRUST team.

Possible services are ;

  • Regular communication with your doctor,
  • If your condition allows regular visits from your accompany,
  • Coordination with the medical facility,
  • Translation services if necessary,
  • Possible transfers
  • Accommodation and in addition care outside the hospital

will be provided by MedicaTRUST. As a result, you don’t need to worry about anything but to get well soon. Also, during your treatment, all of the test results and reports will be presented in writing.

Will the doctors speak English

The doctors that work in the hospitals which we have agreement are speaking English actively. Because of their education and connections internationally some doctors speak other languages as well. Also, professional translation services will be provided at any point in order to inform you and your close ones.

Will my insurance cover getting treatment in Turkey

We recommend you to get in touch with your insurance company. Also, keep in mind that most of the insurance policies differ in that manner.