Radiology and Cancer Treatment

Cancer is an increasingly common disease worldwide. Treating cancer have different methods according to the type of cancer and where it occurs. If the correct intervention is made at the right time, successful results can be obtained in the case of cancer. With the help of the right therapists, professionals and the right technology, critical life support can be provided to cancer patients. However, this also means that cancer patients must have a long and complicated process.

MedicaTRUST is cooperating with specialist hospitals with experienced and expert staff in cancer treatment, rich medical information, devices manufactured with the latest technology, modern medical methods, and infrastructure systems that will provide coordination among specialists.

The multidisciplinary approach is the most effective solution for cancer treatment. Cancer treatment is a field that requires a lot of branches to cooperate and decide together. The consultation of doctors in different centers is extremely important in the diagnosis and cancer treatment and requires close teamwork. In multidisciplinary structures, experts from different branches come together, take a joint decision and share responsibility. As a result, centers operating in a multidisciplinary structure have achieved more successful results in cancer treatment and follow-up in the field of oncology. Among the services offered are screening programs for early detection of cancer, identifying healthy people who are at risk for cancer, and reporting these people and their relatives about cancer prevention. Correct radiological diagnosis is an important part of deciding how treatment will be performed. Modern techniques and advanced technology perform radiological diagnosis, and it is extremely important for experienced radiology personnel.

The types of cancer that are frequently encountered are as follows:

Lung Cancer
Brain Tumor
Skin Cancer
Throat (Larynx) Cancer
Liver Cancer
Bone Tumors

Colon and Rectal Cancer
Breast Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Gastric Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer

Pediatric Oncology and Hematology
Prostate Cancer
Endometrial (Uterus) Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Thyroid Cancer
Ovarian Cancer