Why MedicaTRUST?

With the aim of fulfilling every demand and expectations of the patients and their loved ones, MedicaTRUST has been active from 2000 until this day with the collaboration of expert doctors and tourism professionals.

MedicaTRUST brand is created in order to meet every possible requirement and expectation of our patients and their close ones who live in different locations all over the world as well as maintaining international standards. There are many differences of MedicaTRUST which makes it stand out from other companies but the most crucial difference is that we have created this brand by observing the needs of the patients and their close ones as well as observing the needs of the doctors who have over 30 years of experience and dedicated most of their lives to their patients, educated many medical students who are working as doctors in many different hospitals, published countless medical journals. They needed a corporate and trustworthy company to work in the medical tourism sector.

The main purpose of MedicaTRUST is to give patients and their loved ones the most advanced services in their journey to health with the channel of a professional medical establishment while our patients care nothing but their treatment process.

MedicaTRUST is a collaboration between doctors who are experts in their field and also with tourism professionals. With their dynamic and experienced team, they have been active since 2000. Our aim is to fulfill every possible need and expectations of our patients and their close ones without compromising medical and ethic values and respecting patient rights while maintaining the international quality standards. With our aim as MedicaTRUST, we work with the leading hospitals, medical centers and doctors in Turkey. Also with our experience of over 20 years in the tourism sector, we provide professional solutions for travel, accommodation, transfer, interpreter for our patients as well as medical consultation.