Bone Marrow Transplantation in Pediatrics

Firstly, MedicaTRUST cooperates with bone marrow transplantation centers which contain all necessary transplantation infrastructure and equipment. Also, they are licensed by the Ministry of Health and in addition to that, all services in our centers with EBMT membership are compatible with international standards and accreditations.

What are stem cell transplant types?

1. Autologous transplantation

Autologous transplantation is used in the treatment of some cancer diseases such as neuroblastoma and lymphoma. The stem cells collected from the patient are returned to the patient after a very intensive chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

2. Allogeneic transplantation

Allogeneic transplantation is done with stem cells taken from another donor to the patient. First, siblings, parents and close relatives are searched for tissue compatibility. If a family compatible transponder is not available, the transplant is available from the international bone marrow banks. Haploidentic stem cell transplantation is performed by using various cell sorting methods (CD34 + selection, CD3, and CD19 depletion or α-β T cell depletion) from semi-compatible / incompatible family members who have no compatible donor and in need of immediate transplantation.

What is a stem cell?

The main cells that produce all the tissues and organs in the body are stem cells. These cells have not yet been distinguished. They have the ability to divide, renew themselves, and transform into organs and tissues. Blood is the fluid of the body and is produced in the bone marrow. Hematopoietic or “blood-producing stem cells” are found here. They are produced by the main cells in the bone marrow and are released into the bloodstream when they reach the required stage. The numbers are stable, but they can reproduce on their own when necessary and produce new and mature blood cells.

The stem cells used for bone marrow transplantation are obtained by two methods:

1. Collecting from bone marrow;

Under general anesthesia, enough number of cells are collected by operating the needle from the hip bone in operating room conditions.

2. Peripheral blood collection;

Following the use of a drug that increases the number of stem cells, an apheresis device is used to collect from the arm veins. Anesthesia is not needed, it can be done while sitting on the seat.

MedicaTRUST has been serving with a professional medical staff who have made their scientific studies available to other colleagues as speakers at numerous international congressional hearings as well as being actively involved in the healing process of more than 5,000 children with the experience and know-how of the world’s newest transplantation technologies in pediatric bone marrow transplantation. MedicaTRUST provides services in cooperation with this specialized staff, which has been referenced worldwide for pediatric bone marrow transplantation. Furthermore, MedicaTRUST offers very economical transplantation packages compared to Europe and the USA. You can click contact to get more detailed information about pediatric bone marrow transplantation in Turkey.