Medical Director Message

As doctors who have dedicated their lives to their profession and keeps on working with great enthusiasm are proud to be a part of this team which provides this incredibly important task of providing corporate and trustworthy services that we have observed during our patients pre and post medical procedures. At this point as well as the experience in the medical field as doctors it is crucial to have a collaboration with a rooted professional tourism agency which has more than 30 years of expertise to fulfill every possible need of the patient and their loved ones during their medical journey. Furthermore, the main purpose of MedicaTRUST is to give patients and their loved ones the most advanced services in their journey to health with the channel of a professional medical establishment while our patients care nothing but their treatment process.

With the dynamic, experienced, professional team, without compromising medical and ethic values while respecting the patient rights and maintaining the international quality standards MedicaTRUST collaborates with the leading medical facilities and doctors.

Our vision is ; with the services that we provide completely assure the gratification of our patients and their loved ones, to ease the most important journey of their lives and to be with them in every step of this journey while providing them with alternate solutions, with the professional team and strong infrastructure and quality standards, to be a model company not  only in Turkey but globally.

Continuing our investments in this field with our severe caring for human life and also with the power gained by the positive feedbacks of our patients and their loved ones we will be aiming for higher levels.

With respect,


Medical Director