Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are one of the commonest health problems in the community. Although it varies from country to country, it is estimated that 10-40% of the adult population has varicose veins. The frequency of varicose veins is 2-3 times higher in women than in men. However, males apply to the doctor much later because they care less about the appearance and the leg hairs cover the varicose veins decreasing their visibility. Therefore, varices in men are usually much more advanced when they come to the doctor.

Varicose veins in the leg are classified in three types: capillary, medium size and large varices. Most of the medium-sized (reticular veins) and capillary varices (spider veins) are mainly cosmetic problems. In such varices, if Doppler ultrasound does not show any venous incompetence, this means that there is no health problem, and such varices should be treated only if the patient is not happy with the cosmesis. Most of these patients can be easily treated with microsclerotherapy in several sessions.

MedicaTrust has collaboration with vein centres which provide nonsurgical treatment for all varicose veins.


In the last 50 years, interventional radiology has been the pioneer of many innovative non-surgical treatments in medicine. Because of this innovative spirit, non-surgical varicose vein treatments were first adopted and widely used by interventional radiologists. These treatments have experienced resistance for a long time by the doctors who performed the old varicose vein surgery. However, because of the large difference between patient comfort, safety and outcomes of classic surgery and new nonsurgical methods, this resistance did not work and new treatments have largely replaced old varicose vein surgery in all developed countries in a short period of 10-15 years. So much so that even surgeons who once resisted such treatments began to work hard to learn these new methods all over the world. MedicaTRUST offers high-quality interventional radiology and non-surgical varicose vein treatment services as per the contracted medical centers.