Professional and Reliable Services

There are many differences of MedicaTRUST which makes it stand out from other companies; but the most crucial difference is that we have created this brand by observing the needs of the patients and their close ones as well as observing the needs of the doctors who have over 30 years of experience and dedicated most of their lifes to their patients, educated many medical students who are working as doctors in many different hospitals, published countless medical journals. At this point as well as the experience in medical field as doctors it is crucial to have a colloboration with a rooted professional tourism agency which have more than 30 years of expertise to fulfill all of your needs during the medical journey.


About MedicaTRUST

With the aim of fulfilling every demand and expectations of the patients and their loved ones MedicaTRUST has been active from 2000 till this day with the colloboration of expert doctors and tourism professionals.


With modern hospitals, educated human force, professional doctors, enhanced technological infrastructure, geographical position and experience Turkey provides medical services with European standarts.

Medical Services

MedicaTrust is a colloboration between doctors who are experts in their field and also with tourism professionals. With our aim as MedicaTRUST we work with the leading hospitals, medical centers and doctors in Turkey.

Other Services

With our experience of over 20 years in tourism sector, MedicaTRUST provides professional solutions in travel, accommodation, transfer, interpreter for our patients as well as medical counsils.


Memorial Health Group has been serving with JCI Accreditation Quality Certificate in Turkey since 2000 as the first hospital and 21st hospital in the world.

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Medical Park is a member of the most common health group MLP CARE. Active in 17 cities with 25 hospitals and 14 thousand employes.

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Acıbadem provides health services with approximately 22,500 employees, including 3,500 doctors and 4,000 nurses in its 22 hospitals and 20 medical centers.

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American Hospital

The American Hospital has gained respect in the eyes of the physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals and patients with its ethical approach and sense of trust.

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Koç University Hospital

Koç University Hospital became operational in September 2014 as a research and training hospital.

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ORTO-DENT Dental Clinic

ORTO-DENT Dental Clinic is established in 1985 and has been transferred to the present day with its 3rd generation.

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Visa Applications

Our expert consultants will give you a hand in order to shorten the preparation time for your application. So that the application goes smoothly.

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Before Your Medical Travel

MedicaTRUST provides the fastest and the most economical solutions for plane tickets, visa applications and accommodation options before your travel.

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MedicaTRUST agents are here to give you all of the support you may need before your journey. We will satisfy your needs for accommodation.

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